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Temporary workers, agency workers, personnel leasing from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe

Service contracts or service agreements can be individual and complex and must be worked out by an experienced partner - this requires experience and tact.

When working for your customers or on your construction sites, all papers and licences must be available and the seconded employees from Eastern Europe must have proper social and health insurance. Proper accommodation of the workers from Eastern Europe and the Baltic States as well as smooth logistics are also important for a smooth process and deployment of the employees from Eastern Europe.

The issue of minimum wage also plays a very important role. In the case of a service contract from Eastern Europe, Lithuania, Latvia or Poland.

With a fee contract for work or the so-called service contract, your company will benefit from strong flexibility if you observe these points.

German companies can have the orders and assignments carried out not only by their own employees but also by independent contractors via a service contract or a contract for work and services. In the same way, the employees of a personnel service provider or a subcontractor are commissioned to carry out the service.

Contractually, orders can be agreed through a contract for work or a contract for services, depending on what suits the company better. A lawyer should check for the company which advantages and disadvantages arise for the respective purpose. The details are regulated by the Civil Code. So only trust a partner who has experience in this area to avoid risks such as bogus self-employment.


Advantages of the service contract

Service contract & contract for work - differences

In a service contract, one party undertakes to perform certain services, while the other party undertakes to pay a fee for these services. In a contract for services, it should be noted that the contractor only undertakes to perform the service and not to perform the service successfully. This does not matter. Unlike the contract for work and services, only the performance of a service is agreed. Even if the success desired by the contractor has not come about, the contract is considered fulfilled if the service has been rendered and paid for.

A contract for work agrees on the production of a certain product and not on the work itself. Contracts for work and labour must be reliable and are reviewed and drafted by our lawyers. In summary, a contract for work and labour is the following:

  • Production or modification of an object (e.g. construction of a house, repair of a roof)
  • Success to be achieved through work or service (e.g. completion of construction, laying of electrical cables).

Contracts for work vs. contracts of service - advantages & disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages when considering service contract vs. contract for work are very clear and distinct. Regardless of whether companies hire self-employed workers, temporary workers or subcontractors, the main difference lies in the subject matter of the contract.

  • In a contract for work, the contractor owes the client a specific result. This is the agreed work that is to be produced in return for payment of a fee.
  • In service contracts, on the other hand, the contractor does not owe a complete work, but only has to provide the agreed service at the agreed conditions.

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We, Zeitarbeit International, are experts in employee secondment and placement of subcontractors and temporary workers from the Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia) and Eastern Europe. Our company has been active in human resources and staffing worldwide for over 30 years. Rely on our specialist expertise and many years of experience in staffing services.

We take care of service contracts, contracts for work and labour, employee leasing from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe, secondment of qualified workers to Germany. Find the workers with us to complete your projects on time and benefit from the top conditions.

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No matter what your company needs - from work contracts from Eastern Europe to temporary work from Eastern Europe and international temporary work - our network is set up worldwide.

The topic of outsourcing and production relocation as well as production in Ukraine, Latvia or all of Eastern Europe is also possible through our experience. Have production in Ukraine or Eastern Europe and save high labour and ancillary costs from metal construction to food production. We cover all areas. We are your strong partner when it comes to personnel from Eastern Europe.

Our agents and partners are all German-speaking and will look after you from the beginning to the end of your project.


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