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German and English-speaking occupational safety specialists from abroad

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We provide German and English-speaking experts for occupational safety

Are you looking for support in the area of ​​occupational safety and cannot find any safety experts in Germany? As an experienced personnel service provider, we place qualified German or English-speaking safety experts from abroad. We support you in construction projects and projects with safety experts such as HSE managers, safety and health protection coordinators (SiGeKo) and HSE advisors/SiFa.

We recruit occupational safety specialists from the EU and Eastern Europe for the following industries:

HSE Manager

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Safety and Health Protection Coordinator (SiGeKo)

HSE Advisor/Safety Advisor

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Qualifications and skills of our occupational safety specialists

Our occupational safety specialists from abroad are extremely well trained and have degrees as engineers, master craftsmen or technicians. They also have analytical thinking skills to strategically analyze issues and evaluate information. They also have in-depth legal knowledge of accident prevention regulations and labor law, as well as a confident use of MS Office applications to create key figures and reports. Our occupational safety experts speak German or English and can communicate well with customers or colleagues. They are physically resilient and motivated.

In addition, our safety engineers from Eastern Europe and the Baltics have a thorough understanding of the applicable laws, regulations and standards in the field of occupational safety. They are able to identify and assess risks in the workplace and recommend appropriate measures to reduce risks. They also have good communication skills that help them to communicate safety policies and procedures clearly and understandably, both to employees and to management. Our occupational safety specialists often work closely with other employees and have practical experience in the field of occupational safety.

Are you looking for occupational safety specialists? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you!

Recruitment Procedure:

German companies place particularly high demands on the competence and reliability of occupational safety specialists. We have the necessary expertise to find suitable specialists for you.


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Benefit from cross-border temporary employment from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe, staff leasing, temporary work.


Subcontractors from Eastern European countries are an effective means of meeting the demand for skilled and unskilled labour.


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Our service personnel, support staff, production assistants, assembly line workers, cleaners, etc. are all welcome.

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With contracts for work and services, you hire skilled workers from Eastern Europe for specific tasks for a certain contract period.


We help you solve skills shortages with a secondment from the Baltic States to Germany.

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