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Temporary workers, agency workers, personnel leasing from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe

Contracts for work with skilled workers from Eastern Europe are an effective means of covering workloads. With this form of personnel placement from Eastern Europe, you as an entrepreneur do not enter into any long-term commitments, but rather commission personnel from Eastern Europe for specific tasks. You can conclude these contracts for work from Eastern Europe either directly with individuals or with service providers. This variant is widely used, for example, in construction, catering and production. Given the right framework conditions, it is considered an attractive alternative to the usual hiring out of workers from Eastern Europe.

We offer work contracts from Ukraine or employee leasing as well as temporary workers such as locksmiths, welders, electricians from Ukraine and Estonia.

The advantages of contracts for work lie in the comparatively low costs, the planning security and the minimisation of risks. Thus, contracts for work from Eastern Europe can be concluded on a success-based basis: you only pay if the personnel from Eastern Europe actually does the work in the agreed manner.

This is not possible in the case of ordinary labour leasing from Eastern Europe as well as normal employment. 

Employees from the Baltic as well as from Eastern Europe can be deployed with different forms of contracts. Contracts for work and labour are an option that offers several advantages. You reduce your economic risk. You only have to pay the remuneration if the skilled worker from the Baltic States performs the respective work to your satisfaction. This is not the case with a normal employment relationship. You also do not bear any cost risks regarding absences due to illness. In addition, you do not have to pay social security contributions, which significantly reduces the total expenditure. Furthermore, you do not enter into any long-term commitments; you can employ the staff for specific projects with pinpoint accuracy. If you have any legal questions, we will be happy to advise you in detail.

We are experts in the placement of subcontractors and temporary workers from the Baltic States. Our company has been active in human resources and recruitment worldwide for over 30 years. 

Advantages of the contract for work

Contracts for work and services must be reliable and are checked and drawn up by our lawyers. A contract for work and services requires trust and a reliable and experienced partner.

Starting with staff accommodation such as logistics, employees must be paid fairly and happily. Because only satisfied employees are motivated employees. That is why you trust our experience in this sensitive area.

The work contract can be carried out in your company or in our production facilities throughout Europe. Our project managers on site will provide you with goal-oriented support.

A service contract, on the other hand, obliges you to perform work without having a specific project in mind. You can learn more about the service contract here.

We can offer you our employees from Eastern Europe worldwide. Ukrainian temporary workers and skilled workers are popular for our assignments. Contact us at any time and we will send you everything from subcontractors to production assistants from Eastern Europe, welders, locksmiths and craftsmen from Lithuania or Latvia at short notice.

Our craftsmen or subcontractors from Ukraine, Latvia and other employees from Eastern Europe come with their own vehicles and tools.

Our Recruiting Services

No matter what your company needs - from work contracts from Eastern Europe to temporary work from Eastern Europe and international temporary work - our network is set up worldwide.

The topic of outsourcing and production relocation as well as production in Ukraine, Latvia or all of Eastern Europe is also possible through our experience. Have production in Ukraine or Eastern Europe and save high labour and ancillary costs from metal construction to food production. We cover all areas. We are your strong partner when it comes to personnel from Eastern Europe.

Our agents and partners are all German-speaking and will look after you from the beginning to the end of your project.


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