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Made to measure

Made to measure

Many German companies suffer from a shortage of skilled workers in various fields. Through cross-border employee leasing companies are able to solve staff shortages, order peaks or deadline pressure. Through this form of contract, qualified employees from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary or other Eastern European countries are available to you quickly and reliably. In this way, you can react to rapidly changing order situations with flexible personnel from Eastern Europe.

Temporary workers or workers from Lithuania and Latvia are looking for work as production assistants or craftsmen in many countries. Temporary work offers your company security and stability.

You can use the temporary workers from all sectors flexibly and seasonally or top them up as needed without long-term commitment. Your company determines the duration of the assignment.

Under the new European regulation, workers from Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other EU countries are allowed to work without restriction. All in all, temporary work from Eastern Europe is very popular with our customers in all sectors.

Temporary workers from Eastern Europe

By employing Eastern European workers, you have the possibility to react cost-effectively and flexibly to the economic situation and to efficiently master order peaks or personnel bottlenecks. Whether work contracts or employee leasing from Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary or Eastern Europe - we adapt to your wishes.

As your experienced staffing agency, we specialise in cross-border employee leasing or temporary work.

Our broad and reliable network abroad guarantees your company reliable staff and smooth operations in your company. The partners of our company have all licences and permits. We take care of employee leasingfor Germany Austria, Switzerland and other countries.

Are you looking for personnel to cope with order peaks or bottlenecks? Are you convinced of our temporary staffing services? Make a free personnel enquiry! We will be happy to help you!

Advantages of employee leasing Eastern Europe

Cross-border temporary staffing from Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary.

Concentrate on your core business - we take care of your employees.

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Employee leasing contract

Temporary employment is a relationship between two parties: The hiring company hires a worker and transfers him or her to the hiring company. The contract between the hirer and the rental company is called the employee leasing contract.

When do you need an employee leasing contract?

Arbeitnehmerüberlassung ist erforderlich, wenn der Arbeitgeber Arbeitnehmer verleihen. Es ist unwichtig, ob Arbeitnehmerüberlassung Haupt- oder Nebenzweck des Unternehmens ist.  Wichtig ist, dass zwischen dem Verleiher und dem Leiharbeitnehmer ein Arbeitsverhältnis sowie ein Arbeitsvertrag bestehen.

The temporary employment contract states that the temporary employment agency has a permit to supply temporary workers. This means that a company using their services can be sure from the outset that it is dealing with a reputable provider.

Content of the contract

The employee leasing contract shall state the following:

We are your reliable partner in employee leasing

Zeitarbeit International supports you in all areas from production workers, temporary workers, craftsmen or unskilled workers from Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe. We take care of accommodation, logistics and look after your employees on site with our local project managers. If required, we will gladly send you references.

We also place subcontractor teams such as locksmiths, welders or shipbuilders, skilled workers for industry and crafts from Estonia, Ukraine or Russia. Our employees are hard-working and motivated. Bricklayers and formworkers as well as craftsmen from Eastern Europe are reliable and know their trade.

Whether you need entire crews or construction workers and plasterers, our professionals are flexible. From drywall builders to painters, orbital welders or aluminium welders from Eastern Europe, the Ukraine or Croatia - our personnel services will convince you. Plumbers or air-conditioning, heating, sanitation from Russia to Slovenia are ready to work throughout Europe. We also have German-speaking employees on site.

Our team will be happy to advise you by phone or visit you at your company and submit a non-binding offer. We can advise you on all aspects of personnel deployment in your company.

From work contract, subcontractor, freelancer, temporary work, dispatch from Eastern Europe we are at your side.

This is how employee leasing works with us:

1. Commissioning of the supply of workers

Are you looking for qualified personnel to avoid order peaks or bottlenecks? You are convinced of temporary staffing from the Baltic States or Eastern Europe? Then commission Zeitarbeit International to find the right temporary workers for you. 

2. Formulation of requirements

Tell us your requirements by phone or by using the enquiry form:
For which activities are you looking for personnel? What qualifications are important to you? For what period of time are temporary workers needed? 

3. Hiring out of temporary workers

After we have recorded your requirements, we will find the right temporary worker from the Baltic States or Eastern Europe. We will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have regarding permits and the hiring out of workers from Eastern Europe.

4. Temporary workers at the place of work

We are looking for suitable workers for personnel leasing. The temporary workers work for you until the agreed period is over. If you are interested in a permanent position for the temporary worker, you can of course make them an offer.

Call us and request a non-binding offer

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Our Recruiting Services

No matter what your company needs - from work contracts from Eastern Europe to temporary work from Eastern Europe and international temporary work - our network is set up worldwide.

The topic of outsourcing and production relocation as well as production in Ukraine, Latvia or all of Eastern Europe is also possible through our experience. Have production in Ukraine or Eastern Europe and save high labour and ancillary costs from metal construction to food production. We cover all areas. We are your strong partner when it comes to personnel from Eastern Europe.

Our agents and partners are all German-speaking and will look after you from the beginning to the end of your project.


International Recruiting

We are a personnel service provider for craft, shipbuilding & industry personnel from the Baltic States & Eastern Europe.



We quickly and successfully place certified teams from trade & industry with you.

Contracts for work

We arrange contracts for work from Eastern Europe that meet all legal requirements.


Outsourcing to Eastern Europe, production relocation to Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary & Slovakia

Make a personnel enquiry:

Request your personal offer here. After receipt of your request, you will receive our offer within 24 hours on working days, or 48 hours on weekends and public holidays.

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