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The shortage of staff in Germany is increasingly prompting companies to recruit skilled workers from Latvia and Eastern Europe. We bring German companies together with experienced and motivated subcontractors and staff from Latvia. Our large network of international temporary workers offers uncomplicated solutions with Latvian professionals to fill vacancies on the German market.

We, Temporary Work International, specialise in recruitment from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. We place top workers from Latvia, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia ffor large and small projects in industry, shipbuilding, production and construction.

Numerous German companies are looking for subcontractors or temporary workers from Eastern European countries. We support you in closing personnel gaps with qualified and reliable personnel from Latvia or Eastern Europe with our experience and competence in the field of personnel placement from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.

Skilled Personnel & Support Staff from Latvia

Baltic countries, whether Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia, have many qualified and highly skilled professionals in different fields. It is because education levels in the Baltics are high. But also many motivated auxiliary workers and production workers come to Germany from Latvia.

Furthermore, Baltic workers are motivated, efficient and reliable.

We provide labour from Latvia such as craftsmen, fitter, welders, construction workers or production assistants. Also mechanical and naval architects, electrical engineers, construction mechanics, shipbuilders and heating engineers from Latvia, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Lithuania and other Eastern European countries. With our subcontractors and temporary workers you can use your production capacities flexibly.

Let us know your requirements and we guarantee a quick recruitment from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.

Our branches


Ship building

  • Manufacture of ship sections
  • Pipeline and plant construction
  • Ship's equipment
  • Blasting and painting
  • HVAC solutions

  • Construction

  • Maurer
  • Roofers
  • Interior fittings
  • Sanierung
  • Reinforced concrete constructor

  • Industry

  • Interior fittings
  • Insulation and sheathing
  • Installation work
  • Elektroinstallation
  • Sanitary installation

  • Production & Manufacturing

  • Production helper
  • Lagerlogistik
  • Cleaners
  • Picker
  • Production employees

  • Locksmith & Welder

  • Pipe welder
  • Machine fitter
  • Plasma welder
  • MAG and TIG-WIG welders
  • Metalworker

  • Electricians

  • Installations
  • Lighting technology
  • Electrical assembly
  • Electrical installations
  • Industrial electrician

  • Advantages of recruitment from Latvia & Eastern Europe

    Whether hiring out employees or posting skilled workers from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland or other Eastern European countries, both procedures have numerous advantages for German companies: 

    Staff leasing and the posting of workers from Eastern Europe are carried out in compliance with all relevant legal provisions of Germany and the European Union. We support you in this.

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    This is how recruitment from Latvia & Eastern Europe works:

    Do you need subcontractors and temporary workers from Latvia or Eastern Europe? This is how simple personnel placement works with us: 

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    We are your strong partner in subcontractor & temporary worker placement, personnel placement, employee leasing, temporary work from Eastern Europe. Our Eastern European workers are from trade, industry, production or construction. We place individually according to your requirements and ensure compliance with legal regulations, deadlines and agreements.

    Employee leasing

    Benefit from cross-border temporary employment from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe, staff leasing, temporary work.

    Contracts for work

    With contracts for work and services, you hire skilled workers from Eastern Europe for specific tasks for a certain contract period.

    Service contracts

    A service contract is a contract in which one party undertakes to perform a service.

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