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Subcontractors, Temporary Workers, Personnel from Croatia, Baltic States & Eastern Europe

Looking for qualified workers from Croatia? 

Are you looking for qualified skilled workers from Croatia or another Eastern European country? We, Zeitarbeit International, successfully provide you with suitable workers, subcontractors, temporary workers from Croatia and Eastern Europe.

Due to the high unemployment rate, more and more Croats are looking for work in Eastern Europe. The geographical proximity between Croatia and Germany promotes cooperation for temporary work, especially for seasonal work. The legal minimum wage for Croatian skilled workers in Germany is 8.50 euros an hour, which would significantly improve the quality of life for workers from Croatia.

We place Eastern European workers from Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland. Benefit from our network abroad and use our enquiry form to contact us free of charge. We are also available by telephone at any time for enquiries.

Subcontractors, temporary workers, staff from Croatia

German companies are looking for temporary workers or subcontractors from Croatia or other Eastern European countries? Whether in the construction industry in metal construction or in production, Croatian subcontractors and workers such as temporary workers from all sectors are in demand. Our company, Zeitarbeit International, specialises in subcontractors such as craftsmen companies and classic temporary work from Croatia. Let us advise you simply and with experience.

We place workers from Croatia and Eastern Europe for your construction, industry or production. Our Croatian skilled workers speak German and can be on site in as little as 7 days. 

Submit a personnel request and we will take care of your request immediately. 


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  • We place subcontractors & temporary workers for industry, shipbuilding, production.

    More and more clients and entrepreneurs are looking for subcontractors and loaner workers from Croatia and Eastern Europe to fill the skills shortage. Whether in the construction, shipbuilding, manufacturing, craft or industry.

    Subcontractors and temporary work or agency workers from Croatia are very popular in Germany or Austria for their can. From workers to tradesmen such as locksmiths, welders, heating engineers from Croatia, employees from Croatia from all technical fields. Croatian companies or subcontractors such as painters, bricklayers, drywallers. shipbuilders or ironworkers from Croatia also travel with their own vehicles and tools. We take care of the formalities, transport and accommodation of the Croatian workers on site.

    We place subcontractors from Croatia or other Eastern European countries. Please note that employee leasing is not permitted in the construction industry. As your partner, we will advise you on what is suitable for your project, whether temporary employment from Croatia or a specialist company from Croatia.

    Find out about service contracts or work contracts from Croatia, Lithuania or Eastern Europe. Subcontractors, temporary workers, loan workers from Slovenia, Greece, Hungary, Romania or a country of their choice are also a good choice for shortages.

    Advantages of subcontractors from Croatia

    Benefit from cross-border subcontractor placement, temporary employment from Lithuania, Latvia and Eastern Europe

    Concentrate on your core business - we take care of your qualified specialists from Lithuania and Eastern Europe.

    Kommissionierer , Lagerarbeiter, Verpacker, Sortierer

    What should be considered when employing subcontractors or personnel from Croatia?

    Are you looking for subcontractors or temporary workers from Croatia who have a lot of experience and expertise? We can support you in this. The use of a subcontractor from Croatia does not require approval in the first place. You only have to comply with the regulations in Germany. As the main contractor, you are then liable for a general binding minimum net wage that is paid to the employees by the subcontractor from Croatia. If you violate this regulation, you risk a fine of up to € 500,000.

    Minimum wages

    Main contractors in Germany are liable for ensuring that the employees of all subcontractors are paid the German generally binding minimum net wage. In case of negligence, a fine of up to 500,000 euros can be imposed.

    Private clients are not liable. 

    Customs office and social security for workers from Croatia

    Anyone who employs subcontractors or temporary workers should have the most important documents ready in case of an inspection. This also applies to reporting employees to the customs office. Anyone who does not make this declaration is at the same time liable to prosecution, for example, for not complying with the Minimum Wage Act. Here, too, there are severe penalties. Main companies must now prove for the entire duration of the contract that their subcontractors fulfil all accident and social insurance obligations. Otherwise they are liable themselves.

    If a subcontractor from Croatia is no longer available and the total value of a building exceeds € 275,000 in contractor services, the main contractor is held liable. He must then be responsible for the payment of social security contributions. It is therefore important to collect the most important documents in order to have them ready in case of an inspection. This also applies to the declaration of employees to the customs office. Those who do not make this declaration are at the same time liable to prosecution, for example, for not complying with the Minimum Wage Act. Here, too, there are severe penalties.

    Posting from Croatia to Germany

    If a Croatian employee is posted to Germany by his employer to perform work, the place of employment changes. Exceptionally, the applicable social security law does not change if the following criteria are met:

    If a Croatian worker is recruited for the purpose of posting, what matters is which legislation applied to him immediately before the posting.

    Requirements for Croatian subcontractors in Germany

    We, Zeitarbeit International, take care of forms and registrations, as well as the placement of skilled workers and labourers from Lithuania. We have been experts in personnel management for more than 25 years and know exactly which requirements foreign companies and subcontractors from Lithuania have to fulfil in order to work legally in Germany.

    Werkvertrag, Subunternehmer, Freelancer, Zeitarbeit, Entsendung aus Osteuropa wir sind an ihrer Seite.

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    Our personnel services

    No matter what your company needs - from work contracts from the Baltic States to temporary work from Lithuania, Latvia and Eastern Europe - our network is set up worldwide.

    The topic of outsourcing and production relocation as well as production in Ukraine, Latvia or all of Eastern Europe is also possible through our experience.

    Our agents and partners are all German-speaking and will look after you from the beginning to the end of your project.

    Employee leasing

    Benefit from cross-border temporary employment from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe, staff leasing, temporary work.

    Contracts for work

    With contracts for work and services, you hire skilled workers from Eastern Europe for specific tasks for a certain contract period.

    Service contracts

    A service contract is a contract in which one party undertakes to perform a service.

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