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Temporary work from Lithuania, Latvia & Eastern Europe

Temporary workers from Lithuania, Latvia and Eastern Europe represent a proven means of meeting the demand for skilled and unskilled workers in Germany. Employee leasing is possible from the countries of the EU and the European Economic Area. Especially the posting from Lithuania, Latvia and Eastern Europe to Germany is now of great economic importance: many skilled workers from Lithuania, Latvia and Eastern Europe cannot find work in their home countries or have to make do with wages that are too low.In this country they can be used as Temporary workers in Germany earn a secure income.Temporary workers or workers from Lithuania and Latvia are looking for work as production assistants, electricians, construction workers or craftsmen in many countries. Temporary work offers your company security and stability.

German companies benefit from this: In sectors such as construction, crafts, services, industry and production, they find it difficult to recruit suitable employees on the labour market. In many areas, the demand for qualified employees clearly exceeds the supply. At the same time, the flexibility speaks for temporary workers from other European countries. The company that hires the worker from the Baltic States acts as the employer. The German client does not enter into any long-term obligations and does not have to worry about protection against dismissal. He can book temporary workers specifically for his needs, for example for a production peak in industry or on a construction site. The foreign temporary employment agency takes care of all the tasks, such as paying social security contributions and arranging holidays.

We are your experienced international recruiting agency

We, Zeitarbeit International, personnel service provider for employee leasing and subcontractors with long experience, provide you with temporary workers from Lithuania, Latvia and Eastern Europe. Based on your requirements, we search efficiently and reliably for suitable candidates. In doing so, we take into account the qualifications as well as the required social skills. Thanks to our close network with rental companies from Lithuania, Latvia to Germany, we guarantee a professional and reliable placement.

Under the new European regulation, workers from Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia , Ukraine, Hungary, Romania and other EU countries without restriction. All in all, temporary work from Eastern Europe is very popular with our customers in all sectors.

Our service includes compliance with all legal regulations such as the requirements for posting as well as the minimum working conditions for sure. You can count on us. Whether work contracts or transfer of employees from Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary or Eastern Europe - we adapt to your wishes.

As your experienced staffing agency, we specialise in cross-border employee leasing or temporary work from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Romania.

Our broad and reliable network guarantees your company reliable staff and smooth operations in your company. The partners of our company have all licences and permits. We take care of employee leasingfor Germany Austria, Switzerland and other countries, if needed worldwide.

We recruit temporary workers from the Baltic States & Eastern Europe for industry, plant construction, ship building, production & crafts.

We place skilled workers from abroad as subcontractors & loan workers from the Baltic States, Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Eastern Europe. From harvest workers from Poland to hard-working production workers from Hungary or Croatia, also shipbuilders and metal workers from Ukraine, Latvia or the Czech Republic, Serbia or Greece, - just contact us.

Temporary employees and production helpers from Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine or Hungary, benefit from our international locations and worldwide contractors. Metal workers, welders and locksmiths from the Baltic States or Ukraine are very hard-working and experienced. They bring their own work clothes and vehicles and equipment if required.

Find out about service contracts from the Czech Republic, Lithuania or a secure work contract from Poland Romania or Bulgaria, Hungary and Eastern Europe. Subcontractors and work contracts from Poland, Slovenia, Greece, Hungary, Romania or a country of your choice are also a good choice for bottlenecks.


Advantages of temporary work from the Baltic States & Eastern Europe

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Employee leasing is also called temporary employment agency. We hire out workers from Lithuania, Latvia and Eastern Europe as needed and lend them to companies. In some cases, the temporary workers are taken on by the company after a good job. If this is not the case, our agency will forward the temporary worker to other companies. Concentrate on your core business - we take care of your employees.

Rights and obligations of temporary employment agency

In Germany, the Temporary Employment Act regulates many rights and thus the cooperation between temporary employment agencies and authorities. The authorities check whether the temporary employment agency complies with all regulations. German entrepreneurs should pay attention to this with regard to the personnel service provider:

These and other legal requirements have advantages and disadvantages of temporary work in certain sectors or some areas in the skilled trades. Entrepreneurs should discuss such details with their lawyer beforehand.


We are your partner for temporary work from Eastern Europe

Zeitarbeit International is your experienced service provider when it comes to personnel services such as work contracts, cross-border temporary work from Eastern Europe and countries such as Poland, Lithuania or Latvia. Our partner has years of experience with the secondment of skilled and unskilled workers from Eastern Europe. It is important that the partner at your side is experienced and has all the documents and licences for temporary work or contracts for work from Eastern Europe.

Temporary work requirements

The employees are checked by our partners. If necessary, profiles are created and the certificates and training certificates are also translated. The employees from Eastern Europemust be properly declared to customs. Before the temporary workers from Eastern Europe are hired out or deployed, many things have to be clarified, such as logistics and accommodation. We guarantee reliable on-site support for the employees. So that the employees, whether helpers, craftsmen, shift workers from Eastern Europe feel comfortable and then work motivated and reliable.

A support of the workers from Eastern Europe is very important. Our partners work worldwide, no matter if it is about shipbuilding or a production anyway outsourcing or the use of employees in your company. Ask for references. We will inform you without obligation about all topics concerning temporary work, contract for work or subcontractors from Eastern Europe.

We, Zeitarbeit International, support you in all areas from production workers, temporary workers, craftsmen or unskilled workers from Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe. We take care of accommodation, logistics and look after your employees on site with our local project managers. If required, we will gladly send you references.

Temporary workers or subcontractors?

We also place subcontractor teamssuch as locksmiths, welders or shipbuilders, skilled workers for industry and crafts from Estonia, Ukraine or Russia. Our employees are hard-working and motivated. Bricklayers and shutterers as well as craftsmen from Eastern Europe are reliable and know their trade. Whether entire crews or construction assistants as well as plasterers,- our professionals are flexible. From drywall builders to painters, orbital welders or aluminium welders from Eastern Europe, the Ukraine or Croatia - our personnel services will convince you. Plumbers or air-conditioning, heating and sanitary engineers from Russia to Slovenia are ready to work throughout Europe. We also have German-speaking employees on site.

Our team will be happy to advise you by phone or visit you at your company and submit a non-binding offer. We can advise you on all aspects of personnel deployment in your company.

From work contract, subcontract, service contract, temporary work, outsourcing, deployment from the Baltics and Eastern Europe,- we are at your side.

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Our Recruiting Services

No matter what your company needs - from work contracts from Eastern Europe to temporary work from Eastern Europe and international temporary work - our network is set up worldwide.

The topic of outsourcing and production relocation as well as production in Ukraine, Latvia or all of Eastern Europe is also possible through our experience. Have production in Ukraine or Eastern Europe and save high labour and ancillary costs from metal construction to food production. We cover all areas. We are your strong partner when it comes to personnel from Eastern Europe.

Our agents and partners are all German-speaking and will look after you from the beginning to the end of your project.

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We are a personnel service provider for craft, shipbuilding & industry personnel from the Baltic States & Eastern Europe.


We quickly and successfully place certified teams from trade & industry with you.

Contracts for work

We arrange contracts for work from Eastern Europe that meet all legal requirements.


Outsourcing to Eastern Europe, production relocation to Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary & Slovakia

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