Personnel for production logistics

We provide the best subcontractors & temporary workers for industrial services from the Baltics & Eastern Europe.

Personnel for production logistics from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe

Are you looking for experienced personnel for production logistics? We place competent and motivated workers from Eastern Europe for warehouse management, empties management, specialists for warehouse logistics, transport and residue management. We, Zeitarbeit International, have years of experience in staffingfor industrial companies.

Our personnel from Eastern Europe are proficient in sorting, transporting and storing parts, materials and residual materials or load carriers. Our subcontractors and loaner workers from Poland, Latvia, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia support you in the entire process of value creation: from the collection of raw materials and supplier products to intermediate storage and production supply and disposal to the packaging of the finished product. Our diligent workers from Eastern Europe also take care of the collection and fractionation of residual and recyclable materials.

Tasks of production logistics

Planning and control with personnel from Eastern Europe

Production logistics requires careful site planning to reduce the location times of work items. In this step, the type and quantity as well as the spatial arrangement of machines in production is decided. This is taken care of by our experienced personnel for production logistics from the Baltic States Eastern Europe.

The planning of required storage space is also an important step in production logistics. We offer innovative storage concepts that combine low storage capacities with high handling capacities. In this way, we try to keep inventories as low as possible in order to reduce storage costs and also to increase flexibility with regard to supply and sales markets.


Our range of services for all aspects of production logistics:

Find personnel for production logistics with us as your partner!
Temporary workers & subcontractors from Baltic & Eastern Europe.

Find experienced employees for production logistics. We place workers from Eastern Europe for logistics and transport, warehouse management, order picking, empties management, residuals management etc. We place self-employed workers from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, as well as the Ukraine. Our certified temporary workers and subcontractor teams from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Eastern Europe have already worked in Germany and could be ready to work in Germany in as little as 7 working days.

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Our service in subcontractor & temporary worker placement

We are your strong partner in the areas of recruitment, employee leasing, Zeitarbeit from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. We offer you a cost-complete package without subsequent surprises & take care of the complete processing. We place personnel from Lithuania, Latvia & Eastern Europe individually according to your requirements. With our competence and experience, we ensure compliance with legal regulations, deadlines and agreements. Our services include organisational and administrative tasks as well as the necessary forms and permits.

Employee leasing

We provide temporary workers, agency workers, offer personnel leasing from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.

Contracts for work

With contracts for work and services, we assign personnel from Eastern Europe to specific tasks for a specific contract period.


We are a personnel service provider for service staff, auxiliary staff, production assistants, assembly line workers, cleaners, etc.

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Zeitarbeit International is the expert in placement of subcontractors and temporary workers from the Baltic States. Our company has been active in human resources and staffing worldwide for over 30 years.

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