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Looking for staff from Ukraine?

Do you want to hire workers from Ukraine? Many German companies are suffering from a lack of skilled workers and staff shortages. The labour market for skilled and unskilled workers is virtually empty in many sectors such as construction, industry & production.

We, Temporary Employment International, have specialised in the placement of Ukrainian workers. We place workers from various industries with university education and vocational training degrees from Ukraine to Germany.

We also provide war refugees from Ukraine with quick and unbureaucratic access to the labour market. After arriving in Germany, they get access to social assistance and a residence permit. With the residence title, they can basically work in Germany without restrictions. However, before taking up gainful employment, a permit from the foreigners authority is still required.

Do you want to offer work to Ukrainian war refugees? Contact us! We specialise in the placement of Ukrainian workers and support you in this. We place top professionals from Ukraine, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia ffor large and small projects in industry, shipbuilding, production and construction.

Recruitment Ukraine

Should you need Ukrainian labourers for industrial assembly, steel construction, pipeline construction, machine-relocation, handsman, fitter, welder, construction worker or production-helpers, contact us. We also place mechanical and naval engineers, electrical technicians, construction mechanics, shipbuilders and heating engineers from Ukraine, Croatia, Romania, Lithuania and other Eastern European countries. With our subcontractors and temporary workers you can use your production capacities flexibly.


Our personnel services range from the search for workers in all regions and occupational groups in Ukraine and placement as an employer in Germany, to the application for a provisional work permit, pre-approval by the Federal Employment Agency to take up employment, to the application for a visa and the granting of a residence permit.

Our Ukrainian temporary workers speak German because they attend German courses at Ukrainian recruitment agencies and acquire language skills that are sufficient for employment in Germany.

Trust our experience and competence in the placement of workers from Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

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What do companies have to consider if they want to hire war refugees from Ukraine?

War refugees from Ukraine need a work permit to work in Germany. To do so, they must apply for a residence title at the Foreigners' Registration Office. With the residence title, access to the German labour market is generally possible without restriction for Ukrainian refugees. However, permission from the foreigners authority is still required before taking up gainful employment. In order to avoid bureaucracy, many foreigners authorities currently issue these permits without the prospect of a concrete employment relationship. The residence permit then contains an entry "gainful employment permitted".

Employee leasing Ukraine

Our temporary employment agency Ukraine places qualified personnel from Ukraine. We work together with Ukrainian temporary employment agencies where some Ukrainian workers are waiting to be placed in Germany. Among them are highly qualified employees from various sectors, such as industry, electrical engineering, production, welding technology and information technology.

For Ukrainian workers, short-term employment in Germany is always also a hope for a better earning opportunity. After all, the wages that temporary workers earn in Ukraine are usually much lower than the salaries in Germany. Why are workers from Ukraine willing to work hard even for the legally prescribed minimum wage? Temporary workers from Ukraine see even a simple job as a great opportunity to gain new experience and also benefit financially. After all, the cost of living in Ukraine is much lower than in Germany, which is why many Ukrainian workers send money home to support their families.

You can rest assured that you will only receive well-qualified, friendly and, above all, motivated workers from our temporary employment agency in Ukraine.

Ask for the Ukrainian employees directly at our employee leasing Ukraine, by phone or by enquiry form. We are available at any time to answer any questions you may have about the temporary workers we provide from Ukraine.

Requirements for the posting of Ukrainian workers

In order to be able to legally send Ukrainian workers to work in Germany, the Ukrainian and his employer must fulfil the following conditions:

Work permit for workers from Ukraine

The work permit (or residence title) enables workers from Ukraine to pursue a professional activity in Germany. Specifically, this work permit is an entry in the residence documents that workers from Ukraine need to work and stay in Germany.

A work permit is generally required when a Ukrainian citizen takes up paid employment in Germany. 

The requirements for the issuance of the work permit

In order to obtain a work permit for Germany, the Ukrainian worker must fulfil several criteria:

Only if these criteria are met is the first hurdle on the way to a work permit cleared.

Blue Card - Option for the highly qualified

In order to facilitate labour market access for highly qualified persons from non-EU and EEA countries, the "Blue Card EU" has been available since summer 2012. This Blue Card simplifies obtaining work permits for highly qualified persons and their families. This Blue Card is issued under the following conditions, for example:

Advantages of personnel placement from Ukraine

Whether hiring out employees or sending skilled workers from Ukraine or Eastern Europe, both procedures have numerous advantages for German companies: 

Staff leasing and the posting of workers from Eastern Europe are carried out in compliance with all relevant legal provisions of Germany and the European Union. We support you in this.

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This is how the personnel placement from Ukraine works:

Do you need subcontractors and temporary workers from Ukraine? This is how easy it is to place personnel with us: 

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We are your strong partner in subcontractor & temporary worker placement, personnel placement, employee leasing, temporary work from Eastern Europe. Our Eastern European workers are from trade, industry, production or construction. We place individually according to your requirements and ensure compliance with legal regulations, deadlines and agreements.

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Benefit from cross-border temporary employment from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe, staff leasing, temporary work.

Contracts for work

With contracts for work and services, you hire skilled workers from Eastern Europe for specific tasks for a certain contract period.

Service contracts

A service contract is a contract in which one party undertakes to perform a service.

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