Steel construction & metalwork

Temporary staffing and contracts for work for steel construction projects. Personnel from the Baltic States & Eastern Europe.

Sheet metal working & steel constructions with personnel from Eastern Europe

As a long-standing personnel service provider, we place personnel from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe for calculation, coordination as well as in-house production and assembly. Our workers deliver a complete package of competence and experience. With our large network of staff from abroad, we are glad to be at your disposal for administration, production and assembly. 

We place qualified temporary workers & subcontractors from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and the Ukraine for the construction of steel halls, special contsructions, manufacturing and assembly as well as consulting and planning.

Our experienced workers from Eastern Europe support you with the professional positioning of your machines, core hole drilling, pouring and setting of machine anchors, packaging and transport. We operate internationally and independently of industry. Become our partner! 

Steel halls

Halls with steel construction

Our specialists from Eastern Europe build steel halls for you individually and reliably. Our concept for the creation of steel construction halls allows you to create your steel construction hall in any size. The halls are made by qualified specialists from Eastern Europe in our workshop and then assembled on your building site regardless of the weather. The steel construction method thus offers a cost-effective alternative to other load-bearing systems. With Zeitarbeit International you can handle your projects efficiently and cost-saving. For this we use our experienced subcontractors and temporary workers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia or the Ukraine.

Become our partner and trust our experience in steel & metal construction.

Steel structures

Special constructions from Stahlprofi

Our steel constructions are flexible, as they can be easily supplemented by sections at any time. It is possible to convert an already erected construction without difficulty. Due to the steel construction method, our temporary workers and subcontractors from Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Eastern Europe realise large spans without obstructive supports. Our specialists make steel construction safe by combining chamber concrete and composite construction techniques. In multi-storey buildings, such as in park deck construction, the steel composite construction method minimises room heights and thus achieves better height utilisation.

We guarantee safe steel construction and steel structures even under unfavourable conditions. Contact us and gain a reliable partner for your machine relocation.

Our range of services around steel construction:

We are your partner for steel construction projects. We offer you services around employee leasing.

You are looking for contract workers or subcontractors for your steel construction? We provide experienced specialists from Eastern Europe for steel construction, steel assembly, series production, sheet metal working and metal construction. Our specialists can be used for the production of blasting machines, drilling-sawing machines, welding robots, high racks, press brakes, plasma / autogenous. Our more experienced specialists assemble high quality end products via load lifting equipment and truss system via stainless steel piping and rollers to aluminium wheelhouse.

We place self-employed workers from Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and the Ukraine. Our certified subcontractor teams from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Eastern Europe have already worked in Germany and could be ready to work in Germany in as little as 7 working days.

Our staff supports you with steel construction projects

Our employees come equipped with all the qualifications, tools and skills you need to support your team. We convince you with service, competence and a unique all-round package that noticeably relieves you in your personnel management. Matching your requirements, we provide you with qualified professionals as a team or selected candidates for specific activities to complement your permanent staff.

We select our employees carefully and train them regularly. Depending on your requirements, we are also happy to qualify our staff according to your specific specifications.

This is how skilled worker placement works:

Are you looking for an experienced partner for your machine relocation? Contact us!

Our service in subcontractor & temporary worker placement

We are your strong partner in the areas of recruitment, employee leasing, Zeitarbeit from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. We offer you a cost-complete package without subsequent surprises & take care of the complete processing. We place personnel from Lithuania, Latvia & Eastern Europe individually according to your requirements. With our competence and experience, we ensure compliance with legal regulations, deadlines and agreements. Our services include organisational and administrative tasks as well as the necessary forms and permits.

Employee leasing

We provide temporary workers, agency workers, offer personnel leasing from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.

Contracts for work

With contracts for work and services, we assign personnel from Eastern Europe to specific tasks for a specific contract period.


We are a personnel service provider for service staff, auxiliary staff, production assistants, assembly line workers, cleaners, etc.

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Your advantages of the placement of skilled workers: