Industrial assembly and hub construction

We provide the best subcontractors & temporary workers from the Baltics & Eastern Europe.

Industriemontage Spezialisten aus Osteuropa

Temp Work International is the leading personnel service provider for the relocation and assembly of industrial plants as well as industrial assembly. We place subcontractors and temporary workers from Eastern Europe, take care of employee leasing, service and work contracts, deployment and outsourcing to Eastern Europe. In this way, our qualified workers from Eastern Europe take over complete services from planning to commissioning, including service.

We place qualified temporary workers & subcontractors from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries for on-site relocation, loading and unloading, disassembly and re-assembly of industrial machinery.

Whether you need to relocate a company, relocate production, transport machinery, assemble or modernise machinery - Zeitarbeit International is the right partner for you. Because we have the experience and the necessary competence as well as the special equipment to master every challenge in the industry. Our experts from Poland and the Baltic States are also qualified for clean room assembly, heavy assembly and much more.


Our services around industrial assembly:

Our specialists from Eastern Europe, subcontractors and temporary workers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia or Ukraine offer a complete range of services: from planning to commissioning and service. We can also combine individual modules into a customised package according to your needs.

We are your personnel service provider for temporary employment & subcontractors from the Baltic States & Eastern Europe.

Are you looking for temporary workers or subcontractors for your industrial assembly? We provide experienced specialists from Eastern Europe for assembly and disassembly, transport and logistics, machine relocation, installation of plant electronics. We place self-employed workers from Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, as well as the Ukraine. Our certified subcontractor teams from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Eastern Europe have already worked in Germany and could be ready to work in Germany in as little as 7 working days.

Our sectors - competence:

As an experienced specialist in industrial assembly, we know the special requirements of each industry and can offer an individual complete solution of our industrial services. Whether plant engineering or automotive, whether printing plant or escalators, whether mechanical engineering or press shop, whether clean room or packaging - we are your reliable partner.

Recruitment for industrial assembly Procedure:

Find staff for other services:

Are you looking for an experienced partner for your industrial assembly? Contact us!

Our service in subcontractor & temporary worker placement

We are your strong partner in the areas of recruitment, employee leasing, Zeitarbeit from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe. We offer you a cost-complete package without subsequent surprises & take care of the complete processing. We place personnel from Lithuania, Latvia & Eastern Europe individually according to your requirements. With our competence and experience, we ensure compliance with legal regulations, deadlines and agreements. Our services include organisational and administrative tasks as well as the necessary forms and permits.

Employee leasing

We provide temporary workers, agency workers, offer personnel leasing from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.

Contracts for work

With contracts for work and services, we assign personnel from Eastern Europe to specific tasks for a specific contract period.


We are a personnel service provider for service staff, auxiliary staff, production assistants, assembly line workers, cleaners, etc.