Subcontractors from Eastern Europe

Subunternehmer aus Osteuropa Effektive Beauftragung, Rechtliche Leitlinien and Praxistipps Beauftragung von Subunternehmen aus Osteuropa Die Beauftragung osteuropäischer Subunternehmer in Deutschland ist ein üblicher Prozess, der eine sorgfältige Planung und Ausführung erfordert.  Subunternehmer aus Osteuropa sind für den deutschen Markt aufgrund der niedrigen Kosten der Dienstleistungen und der hochwertigen professionellen Vorbereitung attraktiv. Der deutsche Markt beschäftigt […]

Production workers from Eastern Europe

Find production workers Production workers, production assistants from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe Increase efficiency & reduce costs with production assistants from Eastern Europe! Production helpers and employees from Eastern Europe are a valuable resource that can help meet labour needs in factories and plants. They offer a high level of expertise, commitment and dedication. Through recruitment and temporary employment, it is [...]

Specialists for warehouse logistics

Warehouse logistics specialists Skilled & unskilled workers from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe Warehouse logistics specialist - qualifications & activities As a warehouse logistics specialist, you have to perform a number of tasks. These include storing goods, monitoring and registering incoming and outgoing goods, and managing the warehouse system or inventory management. Another important [...]

Skilled workers from abroad

Skilled workers from abroad Subcontractors & temporary workers from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe Skilled workers from abroad -Subcontractors & temporary workers for industry & crafts Nowadays the world is more interconnected than ever before thanks to the internet and modern technologies. Globalisation has also created various opportunities to recruit skilled workers from abroad. In this blog [...]

Subcontractor mediation

Subcontractor placement Skilled & unskilled workers from the Baltic States and Eastern Europe Who are subcontractors from Eastern Europe? For some time now, more and more subcontractors from Eastern Europe have been employed in various sectors. These are people who cannot find work in their home countries and therefore migrate to Germany. Most of them are young and have already [...]

Made to measure

leiharbeiter dienstleistung

Are you looking for workers from Eastern Europe for your project? Zeitarbeit International is your experienced service provider when it comes to personnel services such as work contracts, cross-border temporary employment from Eastern Europe and countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary or Latvia. Our partner has years of experience when it comes to the secondment of skilled workers as well as unskilled workers from Eastern Europe. It is [...]

Posting of workers to Germany

personalvermittlung osteuropa

When posting workers to Germany, the Posted Workers Act must be observed. This law obliges both German and foreign employers who employ workers in Germany to comply with legal requirements. Important points that must be observed when posting workers abroad, for example auxiliary workers or shift workers from Eastern Europe, in order to make your project legally compliant and for this [...]

Workers from Lithuania


Subcontractors, skilled workers, unskilled workers and workers in general from Lithuania or Latvia are very popular in Germany. Reliable locksmiths, welders, metal workers, electricians, construction workers or production assistants from Lithuania or Latvia are often employed in Germany. A shortage of skilled workers is a major issue in Germany. We offer you temporary work from Lithuania, Latvia and the Baltic States in all areas. We [...]